Scotland's semi-natural forest resource has a long history of degradation through natural factors and extractive management and has suffered a long-term trend of fragmentation and isolation. Today only about 1% of the original maximum native forest cover remains.

In order to provide the focus for co-ordinated action to reverse this trend and create a foundation for the long-term restoration of Scotland's semi-natural forest resource. The Caledonian Partnership was established in 1994.

The Caledonian Partnership is an innovative partnership of voluntary conservation organisations, many private supporters and government forestry, conservation and research agencies with wide experience of and responsibility for native woodland restoration and conservation.

Drawing on expertise from a wide range of organisations and individuals with an interest in the conservation of semi-natural forest it has identified three primary requirements for the development of a co-ordinated action plan for the conservation of the overall resource:

  • A full understanding of its location, extent and character so that action can be prioritised and resources effectively targeted
  • A better understanding of the ecosystem dynamics and the factors underlying the processes of degradation.
  • Information on the most effective and efficient habitat restoration techniques.
To provide this information it has adopted an integrated and systematic programme of inventory, research and habitat restoration.


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