An independent organisation working through partnership to deliver:

  • Local economic, environmental and social benefits
  • Integrated forest management and product innovation
  • New resource information to support strategic rural development"


Native Woodland Demonstration Programme
This project was set up to establish a network of sites across the Highlands demonstrating good practice in woodland management. Sites will range across the spectrum of potential for native woodlands, actual operations will be funded through existing incentives but opportunities will be taken to demonstrate innovative or novel technology or methodology appropriate to multi-purpose woodland.

Caledonian Partnership: Caledonian Forest Project
This project was a combination of measures to provide sound foundation for the long-term restoration and management of the Caledonian Forest

  • The development and validation of a standardised survey technique for native woodlands
  • The esablishment of a database of all native woodlands that can be classified as Caledonian Forest as a sound basis for management decision making
  • The restoration of habitats within Glen Affric
  • The development of understanding of the processes of habitat degredation to improve the advice available to landowners.

Product Development
This project investigated the feasibility of a number of potential end products for raw material from degraded semi-natural woodland, such as Shiitake mushrooms grown on small diameter birch, and outside contract furniture from dimension stock, low grade oak.

Montane Shrub Restoration Project
This project aims to promote benefits of a semi-natural altitudinal limit to our native woodlands and role such habitats play in upland land use. Specifically, new methodology in management of such habitats will be investigated and promotional literature produced.

The Native Woodlands of Scotland
This project will deliver an accessible account of the natural and socio-economic history of native woodlands in Scotland, setting the current resource in the context of twentieth century land use and outlining its potential for the future.

Caledonian Partnership: Argyll Pilot Project
This project will produce a detailed audit of all Caledonian Forest remnants in Argyll, to test and validate the detailed survey techniques for wider application. It will also test the most effective method of presenting the audit results for maximum value for statutory agencies and commercial decision makers.

The Millennium Guide to Scotland's Forest Resource
This project is extending the LIFE level 1 Inventory work to the remainder of mainland Scotland to provide a national semi-natural woodland data-set from which to deliver information on Scotland's woodland resource.

Caledonian Partnership: The Restoration of Atlantic Oakwoods
This project aims to restore, enhance and extend 'old oakwoods with Ilex and Blechnum' within seven candidate SAC's within Scotland, England and Wales, and to demonstrate effective and innovative management.

Appropriate Rural Housing- A Rural Challenge Fund project
This project combines resources drawn from all stages of the supply, procurement and support infrastructure for rural housing. In order to stimulate tangible ways forward this partnership will use a combination of research, technical development and practical demonstration to address three principal issues of affordability; supply chain underdevelopment and design and siting difficulties. In particular the partnership will undertake the design, technical development and construction of a high profile demonstration house and its associated products and supply infra-structure.

Assesment of Timber Properties of Eight Birch Provenances
This project will establish a sampling methodology for investigating timber properties of native timber. Specifically it will provide confidence figures for existing better quality birch in Scotland, England and Wales.


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